St Augustine South Improvement Association
President's Notes
 by Audrey Allen
unique community wth dissimilar homes

committed to improving quality of life in the South

Quality of Life
conducive to retirement and family living

minimum restrictions on property use

Friendly People
solid citizens

Safety and Security
non-gated yet functioning like a gated community​
a blend of homes with nature
nearby employment
medical services
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I'm sitting outside my house in my favorite chair just soaking up the sun. What a beautiful day to do that. Now this is the life I envisioned as I worked for so many years. As the hours slipped by I began to notice things around me weren’t as nice as I would like them to be. For example, that house down the street looks awful, and the one down the block is even worse. Someone needs to do something about it! Let's see, who could I call? Last month I saw in the paper a picture of a team lead by SASIA picking up trash. Not sure they weren’t wasting their time as that’s the county’s responsibility. They should instead be doing something about some of these properties that look so bad. I’m go to send them an email and let them know there is a lot more they should do. Well maybe I will wait until I get back from the beach. 
Low and behold, just such an unsigned email appeared on our website, so I thought that this would be the time to tell you a little more about us. SASIA is an organization in the south that tries to find ways to make it a better community for everyone. We provide assistance when possible to those who are in need. On special holidays, we make trips to nursing homes or hospitals. We assist law enforcement in keeping an eye on suspicious activities and report those. We report zoning violations to Code Enforcement. We offer social gatherings, invite speakers that keeps us informed about our county and, yes, we pick up trash along the roads and ditches. But we are not the Health Department, or code enforcement, or the sheriff’s office. We cannot go on private property, vacant or occupied, and pick up trash or cut their grass. We can and do ask many to please cut their grass and pick up their trash. Some do and some request that we do not bother them again.  
There are many questions we cannot answer and many situations we cannot correct, so we have invited our county commissioner, Mr Bill McClure, to join us for our September meeting. All your questions and concerns should be brought to the meeting, so we invite everyone to join us to hear what our commissioner has to say, He will also bring us up to date on the county activities, so please join us, whether or not you have questions. 
I've noticed a lot of signs up about lost or found pets recently. We invite you to check out our website if you have lost or found a pet. Upon your request, we will post information about when and where the pet was found or where it went missing. This is a fast way to get information to anyone looking for or finding the lost animal. We can also post in the southern comfort if your pet has been missing for a long time. There is a long lag time between our submission deadline and publication of articles, however.
Just a few things to ponder: With the constant demand to build more houses and the trees are all gone, where will the wildlife live? When yard sale signs are left long after the date advertised, can they remove themselves? When grass cutters finish and they blow the cut grass into the roads, will it stay there forever or will the neighbors get to enjoy.

As the county grows and grows, more folks come to visit our city and spend their money, but some just come to see what they can get for nothing. There have been a lot more break-ins, stealing, and even fights that take a life ...So be careful out there and hope to see you at the September meeting.