St Augustine South Improvement Association
President's Notes
 by Audrey Allen
unique community wth dissimilar homes

committed to improving quality of life in the South

Quality of Life
conducive to retirement and family living

minimum restrictions on property use

Friendly People
solid citizens

Safety and Security
non-gated yet functioning like a gated community​
a blend of homes with nature
nearby employment
medical services
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I recently saw an article in the Record on sea cucumbers, something I had never heard of. No, they're not some exotic salad ingredient. Sea cucumbers are echinoderms like starfish and sea urchins. There are some 1250 known species, and many are shaped like soft-bodied cucumbers. They are slow growing and slow moving and could be over-fished in short order if steps to limit them are not taken. Since they mostly consist of water, it can take a dozen or more to make just one pound. With this in mind, the Florida Fish and Wildlife has limited the number that can be harvested per boat, beginning April 1, 2014.

When sea cucumbers are dried and processed, they are very popular in Asia. They are used for nutritional and medical purposes and are also considered a natural Viagra! Who knew? There's a lot of information and pictures on these creatures online. Just type “sea cucumbers” into your browser.

You may have noticed that the clothes bin is no longer with us. Due to the lack of interest, and the vandalism that occurred to the bin, Habitat decided to remove it. They thanked us for the effort we made to support them. I'm sorry we couldn't do better for them.

They are out there, those folks somewhere over the seas, always after the good old American dollar. A neighbor of mine went on Facebook to chat with a friend. Her friend told my neighbor she had found her name on a list and she paid $800, but she would receive $25,000. This “friend” then told my neighbor that her name was on the list too and she should hurry before the money was gone. Long story short, my neighbor was not talking to her friend but to someone who had hacked her friend's Facebook page. Be careful!

No “heads up” this month, but instead “eyes down”. With the weather warming up, more people are out with their dogs. Some of the neighbors are complaining that dogs are let out of the house to run to the neighbor's lawn to do their duty, while the owner stands in their doorway. Others seem to have forgotten their pick-up bags. Maybe we should carry an extra bag to share. And remember, bags are available at several locations, including boat ramps and park areas. Also, be careful when you shuffle through those leaves on the ground. I've observed some folks, rather than scooping, using the “cover up” method, which is a disaster waiting to happen for the first unsuspecting person walking through the leaves.  

Wishing you all a happy spring.